Clover Classic


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Clover Classic:

A perennial blend of superior rapidly – growing clovers that are more vigorous and faster growing than most other clovers. Known for their large leaves and forage stands for more productive grazing, lasting for 3 to 5. These clovers have excellent winter hardiness, high leaf to stem ratio, and are disease resistant. Combined with strong early spring green up and fast recovery from heavy grazing. Clover Classic creates a food plot with long standing high yieds of forage that is very high in protein. It is very effective for frost and dormant seeding.


Ingredients: Platinum Ladino Clover, Jumbo Ladino Clover, Gallant Red Clover, Victory Red Clover

Attributes: Quick germination, fast growth, high protein forage, withstands high grazing

Soil Types: Well drained, pH of 6 or higher Maintanance: Low maintenance Seeding Rate: 10 – 12 pounds per acre Planting Date: Spring, Fall, Frost Seed Planting Debt: ¼ to ½ inch

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