Crimson Red Clover


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Crimson Red Clover:

A cool season reseeding annual legume with an erect growth habit and shallow taproot system. It is widely used for feeding and attracting deer, turkey, rabbits, and other game species to food plot areas. Crimson is a widely adapted plant that tolerates different soil types and low pH soils. It is an excellent and dependable

reseeding clover that is early maturing. Crimson performs well in mixtures with small grains or later maturing clover. When planted in the fall, Crimson Clover produces grains or later maturing clover. When planted in the fall, Crimson Clover produces more forage at low temperatures. It thrives when planted with other grasses and is an excellent winter grazing crop.


Soil Types: Heavier, well – drained Seeding Rate: 15 – 20 pounds per acre Planting Depth: ¼ inch

Planting Depth: Spring, Fall

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