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Fall Max:

An Annual Premium Brassicas blend of turnips, kale, and rape that are very high in soluble protein and carbohydrates. The plants produce a high amount of palatable forage per acre. They are lush, tall, and very attractive for late season. Fall Max has a high cold weather tolerance. It will be okay through cold temperatures and snow. It is widely adapted to all well drained soils. Fall mix is especially great for fall and winter grazing. Brassicas are ideal for Mid – Late summer planting in a firm seed bed with a pH of 5.2 or higher.


Ingredients: Kale, Hybrid Pasja, Forage Rape, Grazing Turnip, Purple Top Turnip

Attributes: Great for winter forage, high soluble protein, very high in carbohydrates, lush and very attractive, stands tall in the cold

Soil Types: Widely adapted, firm seed bed with pH of 5.2 or higher

Maintenance: No maintenance

Seeding Rate: New: 8 – 10 pounds per acre

Frost Seeding: Not adaptable Planting Date: July – October Planting Depth: ¼ to ½ inch deep

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