HD200 Platinum


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HD200 “platinum”:

Loaded with our natural mined, unheated, unaltered highly digestible ionic minerals complexes. The Ionic minerals carry either a positive or a negative charge that causes a dynamic equilibrium to take place allowing the body to facilitate changes to move nutrients to areas that need them.

Enzymatic activity 40,000 units (activated enzymes)


Generator MB-12 Bacillus and Lactobacillus picked especially for the hind gut area as that is what pertains to keeping a deer in it’s healthiest form as it fights off all the bad bacteria that tries to enter through the rumen. It is very important to keep deer in full health mode during the antler growing and fawning season so they can put all their energy towards antler growth and healthier fawns. Studies show that fawns shortly after birth it is already determined if it will be able to reach its maximum genetic potential throughout it’s lifetime and that is determined on it’s health at that moment.


Guaranteed analysis “minimum pr gram” live bacterial count 12 billion cfus A4000h/

A2020 Lactobacillus

Weight 9 lbs


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