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“Crimp and no-till cocktail blends without the gear! For all the little guys in the game, get big boy results without the costs of equipment. Join the “Regenerative Soil” food plot movement with No Spot Food Plot for the interior and the exterior of the woods!

At times we have been worried about the availability of food throughout the winter months. We harvest so thoroughly after crop that when the snow is deep they may or may not find acorns or scraps that are left in the fields. Or the interior of the woods where they have eaten as high as they can reach. So many hunters do not have time or resources to plant food plots or put out feed weekly. We seek a need to help our wildlife the best we can. We have a four-step program for the interior of the woods that will help the undergrowth. It aids in saplings that are 10 – 12 foot whips. It also aids in other native bushes to grow lusher and more uniform with more nutrients available in the buds and twigs over the winter months. This program will help old and new trees and plants to support healthier woods. We have been running a study feeding with and without the No Spot Food Plot and minerals. Without nutrition, all is the same, no improvement. With feeding this program, plants have a growth improvement of at least 6”, buds are larger and are more apparent than those that are not treated. Trees are less whipping growing with the drip line. The deer are hitting these sites on a daily basis. We feel confident throughout the winter month that this area will support them better than the untreated areas, and our mineral sources will aid in the success as well. We know the wildlife is eating plants and trees that have an excellent mineral base, they are reaping the benefits of the plants and trees that have been fed these products. For using in the interior of the woods take a leaf-blower and clear a area of the leaves by your tree-stand or any other desired area in March and spread the no spot food plot. One bag covers a 1/4 acre, spread another bag in June, in august and in September. We have a no spot spring mix and a no spot fall mix that do grow well in shaded area so spread the plot of your choice for example the spring plot should be spread around may and the fall around august. For using it on your food plots on the exterior of the woods spread when planting 1 bag pr 1/4 acre and for adding more nutrition to your vegetation spread a bag every other month or so.

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