No Spot Spring Mix


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No Spot Spring Mix:

A mix of rapidly establishing hardy clovers and annual ryegrass. This mix is designed to excel in hard to reach places such as remote stand locations, trails and logging roads and establishes well without the use of heavy equipment. Simply clear debris and broadcast this mix on a clean seed bed and fertilize appropriately. No Spot mix creates a remote food plot or staging area while encouraging deer movement into an early pattern where you want it. This mix does well in a wide variety of soils and has very good shade tolerance.


Formulation: Annual Ryegrass, Frosty Berseem Clover, Alsike Clover, Dutch White Clover Characteristics: Widely adoptable, Quick germination, Withstands high grazing, Good Shade tolerance

Soil Types: Widely adapted pH 5.2 or higher

Maintenance: No maintenance Seeding Rate: 24 Lbs. per Acre Frost Seeding: 24 Lbs. per Acre Planting Date: Spring, Frost Seed Planting Depth: ¼ to ½ inch

Weight 6 lbs


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