Obligation Clover Blend


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Obligation Clover Blend:

A blend of annual cool season legumes that are cold tolerant and establish fast. These clover have a high protein content, excellent disease resistance, and winter hardiness. This is an excellent blend for wildlife, from pollinators to deer. When planted in the fall, this blend provides ample forage and has vigorous early spring green up. It provides an abundance of nutrition at an early critical period. This blend of annual clovers is a great way to build soil and provide nitrogen for future crops. The Obligation Clover Blend thrives in most soil conditions and grows well when planted with a companion grain group.


Ingredients: Crimson Clover, Frosty Berseem Clover, Fixation Balansa Clover, Arrow Leaf Clover

Attributes: Early maturing, great attraction, high protein forage, highly productive

Soil Types: Wide variety of soils

Maintenance: Low maintenance

Seeding Rate: New: 18 – 20 pounds per acre Planting Date: Spring, Fall, Frost Seed Planting Depth: ¼ – ½ Inch

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