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Property Line:

A mix of warm season tall growing forages, including grain sorghum, sunflower, Sunn Hemp, Lab Lab, winter peas, and forage soybeans, providing an excellent long season high protein food source. Property Line is a great mix to use on plot edges or as a divider to provide cover and serve as a border for food plots, promoting more day time movement. Will grow in a wide variety of soils. Plant after ground temperatures are at least 60° Fahrenheit. Mid – late summer planting in a firm seed bed with pH of 5.2 or higher.


Ingredients: Sunflower, Grain Sorghum, Lab Lab, Forage Peas, Soybeans, Sunn Hemp Attributes: Ideal to create cover, good late forage, very high in carbohydrates, fast long growth, all season food source.

Soil Types: Widely adapted, firm seed bed with pH of 5.2 or higher

Maintenance: No maintenance

Seeding Rate: New: 25 – 30 pounds per acre Planting Date: Spring to mid summer Planting Depth: 1 inch

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