Tombstone Deer Feeder


  • Looks Natural
  • Quiet Release
  • Times Release
  • Critter-Proof
  • Deer Feel Safe

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The Tombstone Deer Feeder brings in big bucks.  It looks natural in the field and releases feed almost silently — on the schedule you set with the included timer.

Simply place it anywhere you want to attract deer, stake it to the ground and load it with corn.

Nothing is more effective at attracting mature bucks than a simple pile of corn. But when a mature buck learns that the food supply will always be there, he will feed only when he feels safe – after dark.

One apparent solution to that problem would be to use what is commonly known as a ‘spin feeder’ to dispense a controlled amount of feed at a specified time of day. The disadvantages of the spin feeder are the noise it makes and the unnatural, deer-spooking appearance of an object that obviously doesn’t belong in the woods or in the middle of a food plot.

Another common method is the gravity feeder, but this type of feeder is also very conspicuous in the woods, and does not allow for controlled feeding.

The Tombstone Deer Feeder is designed to draw on the benefits of all other feeding methods while eliminating the negative aspects. It is designed to motivate the mature buck to move in daylight- when we can hunt him- by providing a limited supply of corn that he soon learns might be gone by nightfall, in a setting that appears natural and safe. Quiet, dependable, and with the appearance of a natural rock, the new Tombstone Deer Feeder combines the best features of a spin-type feeder, a gravity feeder, and a pile of corn. Feed where you want it, when you want it – without the unnatural appearance of a conventional feeder.

The Tombstone features a high-density polyethylene shell with a realistic rock texture that is roto-molded in the USA, an easy-fill and varmint-proof cap, a high-quality German-made timer, a dependable American-made motor, and a 200 lb. corn capacity.


*Power supply is not included.  You will need a 12-volt car battery to power for this feeder.

Weight 55 lbs


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