Licking Branch Combo (5 Pack)


Keep monster whitetails where they belong on your property by keeping them occupied!


Want to drive bucks crazy? Yes? We drive them crazy with our newly designed bendable rubber licking branch injected with scent wicks that we tip with our nonsynthetic 4buck preorbital scent. Hang the licking branch (rubber coated wire attachments included) over a mock scrape or use over an existing scrape and apply our 4buck preorbital scent on the wicks, now your bucks who visit the scrape will smell 4 new bucks that they think just moved in their territory and they will get very aggressive in trying to find these 4 new bucks. Every chance you get out stop by your licking branches and apply a couple of drops of the 4buck preorbital to let them know you’re still in the area.

5 Pack Licking Branch Combo.

Be sure to also order your  Pre-Orbital 4-Buck Compound Gland Lure for best results


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