Supreme 365 Deer Supplement & Attractant Apple


Supreme 365 is a nutrient-packed powerhouse that will provide your deer herd with a highly digestible and attractive supplement. Loaded with Ionic Form minerals and vitamins this formula provides your deer herd with essential macro and micronutrients.

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The Hightower Supreme 365 supplement line was formulated to provide balanced nutrition to the deer herd 365 days a year. This highly attractive formula provides the correct balance of protein, fats, carbs, fiber, and nutrients needed during the most demanding times of the year. Hightower Supreme 365 is also loaded with our HD 200 and HD 200 Platinum allowing you to force-feed these vital nutrients to your deer herd. This nutrient-packed powerhouse will draw the deer in with its powerful apple aroma and keep them coming back for its high-quality ingredients.

Protein, fat, macro, and micronutrient demands often peak during the end stages of gestation through the end of lactation for a whitetail doe. By providing them with this supplement you are helping ensure the mother is in the best health, and in turn, she can give birth to healthy fawns. This formula will enhance lactation and provides the best quality milk for your fawns. This is a critical component in maximizing the genetic potential of your fawns.
A whitetail buck requires extra protein, macro, and micronutrients coming out of the winter as they are trying to regain muscle mass and antler growth is starting. During summer as bucks are growing out their antlers the demand for protein, energy, macro, and micronutrients is extremely high. It is highly beneficial to provide them the proper nutrition supplementation during this period. It is also vital to provide protein and fat in the late summer heading into fall as whitetail bucks are looking to increase body mass and gain fat.  Fat will provide energy through the rigors of the rut and helps them survive the winter. Does are looking to increase body mass and increase fat storage as well during this time. They use energy from the stored fat to get through the winter and it helps deliver vital nutrients to the fetus they are carrying. Energy can come from both fat and carbohydrates. Fats are a much more efficient source of energy as it is a cooler slow release form of energy and they can store twice as much energy as a carbohydrate. The energy provided by carbohydrates (such as corn) is a much hotter, quicker burning energy.

Once a deer’s body fat storage is depleted, muscles will be burned for energy, resulting in a longer recovery in body weight the following Spring. This can affect antler growth and fawn survival rate. When formulating this supplement we wanted to take everything mentioned above into account. Our goal is to provide you with a complete supplement that you can be confident is the best choice for improving your herd health, and in turn, allowing your bucks to reach their genetic potential. We used only quality ingredients with absolutely no fillers. Check the label! The Hightower Supreme 365 supplement is also Highly Attractive and palatable to your deer giving you the perfect attractant while also providing essential nutrients to your deer. Whether you use this solely as an ‘attractant’ or as your main supplement, you will have an edge over your neighbors!

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